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An Elite Team

Emma Mcjury

Stylist + Colorist

Emma is a highly skilled and passionate hairstylist with a background in hospitality and a strong commitment to providing her clients with the best possible experience. Her journey in the beauty industry began during her time in cosmetology school, where she had the privilege of participating in the Beacon program—an elite initiative designed to offer students insights from leaders in the beauty industry. This experience served as the catalyst for her career, igniting her passion for hair. As a total concept stylist, Emma is dedicated to helping you achieve the perfect look, from selecting the right hair color to crafting the ideal haircut. If you’re looking for a hairstylist who is not only skilled but also dedicated to providing you with your best hair day, Emma is excited to welcome you into her chair and work her magic!


Cutting & Styling

Women’s Cuts | $85

Blow Dry |  $50


Colour Service

Single Process | $90

Highlights |  $125+